Passionate About Creating

For as long as I remember, I have always been fascinated with business, sales, and marketing. I started out very young with an entrepreneurial spirit.

As a child, I started with creating a product I can sell, paintings, bubble baths and dog beds....yes dog beds. I was always trying to figure out how to sell them with little to no money. So what came as just doing research to sell my own stuff, I begin to wonder and research how to sell others. I begin to find myself always reading the business section on AOL, MSN, and eventually  Yahoo. When I reach 18 I hit the ground running in the  MLM & Sale World. At 19 I landed a job selling healthcare discounts which were the new wave at the time. Which was signing up people a healthcare discount. This was a pure challenge even though it was free because we were cold calling and the script was well ....blah. I decided to work on my own and it increases sign-ups by 48% and the company decides to use it company-wide. I then went on to try to perfect my selling and even began to create my own ads for other MLM companies that I have worked with it was just som limited because they had their own and my ideas were often too extravagant (They Said) I then decide to go to college and learn the in's and out's of business at Kaplan University & University of Phoenix.

There I discovered my true passion and that was MARKETING! From there I began to freelance with a few Non-Profits & Schools (For Free) which I enjoyed. In the year of 2010, my husband started a cleaning business and I did the marketing. In our first and second year, we did extremely well! I then began freelancing for pay and later started my company in 2014.

Helping small business & entrepreneurs have always been a passion of mine. Whether if it is business development, management and or marketing I have always found myself helping. ~Shalena Ward 


  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Creating a need for a product (Stanford University)

  • Google Ads 

  • Google Analytics 

  • Facebook Ads

  • Bing Ads


  • 10 years of Business Management & Marketing Experience

  • Over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience

  • 10 years of Sales Experience: In (2018) I was able to increase sales by 89% within 6 months being personally responsible for generating $175,000 in revenue(Sales) & $356,000 in total after building and managing a team